Wooden housing block PUUPERHE, Helsinki

Invited competition 2021: 1. prize.


A wooden block in the Kuninkaantammi residential area in Helsinki. The design focuses on a colorful small-scale cityscape according to the area’s master plan. Special care is also taken in landscape design, with emphasis on a social garden with small forest areas.


The buildings are designed and built using finished wooden modules. The modular building system is fast, cost-effective and safe construction technology as the modules are built and furnished indoors at the factory.


Design team:

Francesco Allaix
Havu Järvelä
Rabbe Tiainen
Jens Rasmussen
Ninni Westerholm
Mimma Tuomisalo



SAFA – Suomen Arkkitehtiliitto

Suomen Puukerrostalot Oy

Lindbäcks Ab


  • City- Helsinki
  • Client- Suomen Puukerrostalot Oy
    / Suomen arkkitehtiliitto SAFA
  • Status – 1. prize 2021.
  • Size – 5800  m²